How to Install Banner

DIY Windshield Banner Installation!
Installation instructions for banners! This guide should work for any car or truck.

for starters you will need a few supplies.
  • Felt Tipped squeegee 
  • Water bottle with a small amount of dish soap 
  • Masking tape 
  • Razor Blade 
  • Heat Gun (optional)
Now that you have your banner and supplies all ready to go you should start by cleaning the surface where the banner will be getting installed. If there is any dust or dirt under the sticker it will show through in the banner itself. So once the window is all clean you can place your banner centered and use a pice of masking tape to align it. I like to have the vinyl go about 1/4 inch above the top - outside edges of the windshield. 
With the banner in place take one side and flip it over to peal the backer off and trim the backer off of that one side. Spray plenty of water on the back side of the sticker and the glass where the banner is to be applied. This will give you some time to move the banner around a little bit and when you squeegee the water out it will take the air bubbles out with it. 
Squeegee some of the water out starting at the center and moving to the outside, now it will not move from the glass. Now repeat these steps for the other side of the window.
Squeegee as much of the water out of the banner as possible, use the felt end of the squeegee only so it does not scratch the banner, when squeegeeing to the edges you will start seeing the line for the window trim, this is where you use your razor blade and hand trim the outside edges, you may notice some extra water there continue to squeegee all of this water out. Now wipe the window down and you should be ready to go! 
Now you have a sweet banner; feel free to take photos and tag us @saucendesign to be featured!